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27 december 2011

Springy colours after Christmas

Directly after Christmas I get quite tired of all the christmasy decorations and colours. Well, it's still nice with lots of candles and light garlands since it's so dark here in Sweden, but right now I just wanted to look at some springy inspiration in light colours. Maybe you feel like it too?

Weekday Carnival /  Word art by Mati Rose McDonough /
Urban Outfitters / Photographer Jennifer Causey via SF Girl by Bay

A couple of years ago I wanted to collect old flower paintings, and started looking in thrift stores and flea markets. But I only got until three paintings... The pic to the right below reminded me - I would like a flower painting wall! And that throw on the bed on the pic to the left shure looks cosy. I can't really decide if I like the colour combination or not...

Home in Berkeley, California via re-nest  / Isabella van Reeuwijk for HK Living via Decor8

Better Homes and Gardens / Tim Walker Photography

Elle Interiör Geronimo balloon-troopers

Back to winter in my Daily dose of quirkiness. I love the old lady in this manipulated photo, and I must say I miss the company of old people. 

By Platinum FMD

4 kommentarer:

Heather B. sa...

I love the blues and greens you chose, they are so calming and pretty! I LOVE that throw too! I want to knit one!

leah of sang the bird sa...

thank you maria!!! this is just what i needed! i love the spring-y colours! and i would love to snuggle under that throw and read all day long! i also love interiors to feel lived in and comfortable. thinking of you xxx

Patricia Villamil sa...

i love what you have chosen here. The blues are just what I think I will bring out this Spring. I think am sick of this cold weather already, I don't want to go back to the cold


Thank you all! In south of Sweden it's been so mild so far this winter, we get confuesed about the time of year. But there is the dark mornings and dark afternoons to remind us it's winter of course...