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10 december 2011

Some things I liked this week

Illustration by Kim Welling

Just want to share some of the things I liked this week, found on blogs and Pinterest. First (above) a new illustration by Kim Welling, inspired by a trip to Domburg in Zeeland, a small town in the south of Holland. "Domburg was one of the first real sea bathing places for the rich and in the beginning of the 20th century popular with painters and artists because of the beautiful skies and light", Kim writes in her blog.

Gingerbread House Competition 2011 found via Kurbits
One of the contributions to the annual Gingerbread House Competition at Arkitektmuseet in Stockholm. The theme for this year was "Jag är hemma nu!" (I am at home now!) about feeling at home or feeling rootless.

Real Living

Beutiful photos from Christmas in the middle of summer in Australia. From Real Living, found via Creative Living. 

From Christmas in Australia to a fantastic landscape in the north west of Australia. This is where Leah who blogs at Sang the Bird lives. So beautiful!!!

This is the view from her verandah! Look at that mountain surronded by clouds! I'm stunned!

Romy Schneider and Alain Delon 1959
Just a very beautiful photo of Romy Schneider and Alain Delon from 1959, found on Pinterest without names or any sensible source. Tracked the photo to this blog.

Hedi Burton

A nice journal from Heidi Burton's Etsyshop. Maybe a Christmas gift tip? But I would like one for myself as well...

Cocholate and Carrots
Simple tip for something to eat with a glass of wine this evening: Italian Grilled Cheese - mozarella, tomatoes and pesto. (Buffalo mozarella tastes best I think!)

nomoli on Flickr
And for my Daily dose of quirkiness, Christmas trees all year round at this house...

5 kommentarer:

esther sa...

That last picture is so weird! That is another way to put up Christmas decoration around your house. :)

Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style sa...

OJ! Även om sista bilden är photoshoppad eller arrangerad, är den helt galet häftig!!

Patricia Villamil sa...

absolutely beautiful pictures, the illustration is stunning, i will checkout this artist.

leah of sang the bird sa...

I love the red door via Real Living. That is my favourite australian magazine. Thank you for showing me so much love and support. Hugs x

www.finelittleday.com sa...

Åh, det här huset ser fantastiskt ut!