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7 december 2011

Pernilla's blog

Pernillas home office. Photo: Pernilla Jansson. 

This morning, in my last blogpost, I told you I would tell you a little about Pernilla Jansson's blog at the Swedish interior magazine Plaza interiör's website. And here it comes :-)

Pernilla is a stylist/decorater and starts her new job at Ikea in January next year. I like her blog because I can relate to a lot of the interior she posts about. She lives in a flat like me and not in a big house, and she shows both dreamy inspiration and down to earth I-can-buy-that-or-fix-that-inspiriation. The photos in her blog are a mix of her own photos from her home and interior events and photos from other blogs/pressphotos. Well, this is how I perceive her blog anyway :-)

Some of Pernilla's photos: 

Pernillas bedroom. Photo: Pernilla Jansson. 

"Sorry about the mess! We are living life..."
Photo: Pernilla Jansson

Pernilla (to the right) meets Tine K at an event. 

Breakfast in Pernilla's flat. Photo: Pernilla Jansson.
Detail from the livingroom. Photo: Pernilla Jansson.

Inspiration shared on Pernilla's blog: 

Photo: Trine Thorsen

From Crochet Bloke
Photo: Anna Kern

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness: Mr Elephant and his little friend ,flying away :-)

Photo: Beata Bieniak

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JLR22 sa...
Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.
Truebluemeandyou sa...
Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.
Truebluemeandyou sa...

Hi, posted the gorgeous photo of the tea cups with the taper candle on my tumblr blog - giving full credit to Pernilla Jansson's blog and then of course to you, having found it here. *Just posted and I it was a weird mishmash of English and Swedish!

Truebluemeandyou sa...

Ok, just looked at my the last comment and won't delete another one - but you see what I mean? It changed words and then made having "HAVING" :)

leah of sang the bird sa...

i dream of an office space like {or even the same as} pernilla's. beautiful inspiraton on a glorious wet, grey afternoon here... thankyou

pernilla Plaza Interiör sa...

TACK söta härliga du för fina ord! Jag blir SÅ GLAD! KRAM Pernilla

Dessi at [Home and desire] sa...

SÅ läckert hon har det! Har varit inne hos henne några gånger, sen har jag liksom tappat bort henne. Får visst in och besöka igen ;)

Patricia Villamil sa...

haha what a cute elephant picture. i also like her style.