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18 december 2011

Forth of Advent - DIY hostess gifts

It's the fourth Sunday in Advent, and I am invited to a before-Christmas-dinner at my dear friend Maria's house. She is going to work in Stockholm on Christmas Eve and wanted to have a Christmasy dinner with her family and a few friends before she leaves for Stockholm on Wednesday. 

I started my day with a looong breakfast, preparing for some DIY with an old magazine from 1949. My kitchen table was quite messy, with yarn and string and paper and other things laying around. I had decided to bring a few DIY-gifts for the hostess. 

I made an angel, using a paper doilie, a music sheet, a face from the old magazine, glue and string. The idea comes from here, and I posted about it earlier here.

And then I made a very simple red line embroidery on a map, to remind Maria about the way home to Malmö. She started a new job in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago, but she still lives here in Malmö. She works for a few days, comes home for a few days, back to work and so on. The red line is the way the train goes from Malmö to Stockholm - and back. The idea of embroidery on a map comes from here. I put the map in a vintage frame from a thrift store, that I had forgotten that i had.

I also gave her a cake stand made of a Berlin souvenir plate and a goldy thing (candle stick?) from a thrift store. She got married in November and they went to Berlin for their honeymoon-weekend. I posted about the cake stand here.

We had a lovely dinner at Maria's place, with both traditional Swedish Christmas food and some new and fresh addings. (Among other things a salad made with ruccola, kale (grönkål), orange cut in pieces and smoked almonds. Simple to do, was very tasty with our usual Swedish Christmas food. I think I will make it on Christmas Eve.) And we had home made Christmas candy too of course :-) Maria was happy about the gifts, especially the embroidered framed map.

 I hope you all had a nice forth of Advent Sunday! Next weekend Christmas is really here. Rapidly approaching! So for my Daily dose of quirkiness I chose a Christmas couple :-)

Illustration "My Deer" by Ahmet ÖZcan

6 kommentarer:

Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style sa...

Underbara presenter. En sådan vän skulle man ha! :-)

leah of sang the bird sa...

beautiful gifts maria! i am so impressed, they are so sweet! your friend will love them! x

Heather B. sa...

I love the map too! It came out beautifully! I also love your "Daily Dose of Quirkiness!" As a rather quirky person I enjoy seeing quirkiness everywhere! What a great idea!

Sofia sa...

Gediget och hållbart känns väldigt rätt. Vill ha sånt som håller ett tag!

Härligt med julmiddag med fina vänner! :)

Anonym sa...

hi jamie, thanks for your choose. i'm happy :)

Ahmet Özcan

Patricia Villamil sa...

What a lovely DIY that angel is!