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28 december 2011

I didn't do it in time

I bought some moss the day before Christmas Eve, to put under my glass bell with some christmas decorations. But, as I am really slow right now, I didn't really do it until today = I made it less christmasy. It was fun to cut out another cute girl from a vintage magazine :-)

Some more cut-out in my Daily dose of quirkiness, with one of Lynn Whipple's "ninnies": Fred was never late for happy hour. Cheers. This also serves as a reminder that New Years Eve is coming up shortly! Lynn Whipple has a website, a blog and an Etsy shop

by Lynn Whipple

3 kommentarer:

leah of sang the bird sa...

i love your vintage cut outs! your glass bell vignette is beautiful. {what is the card beside the mona lisa? i love the pink tape.}
and as for fred, he is definately a quirky find!
hope your n.y.e is wonder-full x

Patricia Villamil sa...

you always have the most quirkiest ideas, love it!


Leah: The card next to Mona Lisa is a tear out from an art gallery catalogue, Cecilia Edefalk from the diptych Two Elephants. Sometimes a picture isn't that great on its own, but I like it with Mona Lisa :-)

Hope you will have a good New years eve too!

Patricia: I'm glad you like the quirkiness :-)