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11 december 2011

Different kinds of beauty

Actress Clara Bow / Photo by Nick Brandt / Young girl in circus caravan (1926) by August Sander, found via OVO / Photo by Beata Bieniak

There is so many different kinds of beauty, and I need variation to appreciate what I see as beautiful. To much of the same thing makes my soul sleepy and tired. When I have seen to much cosiness I need something rough, when I have seen to much colour I need black and white. And when I have been thinking to much of materialistic things I need a wake-up call to reality, for exemple by reading this at Bodil Malmstens blog Finistère (in Swedish). More to come about different kinds of beauty...

For my Daily dose of quirkiness, some Steampunk found at The Graphics Fairy:

Via The Graphic Fairy

2 kommentarer:

esther sa...

Those pictures really have a beautiful atmosphere. And I love your daily doses of quirkiness, it is a great idea!

Gulcin of Olric sa...

Oh yes,same situation in Turkey,journalism is a job that everyone can do,at the same time nobody can :)
I've just found a job after 2 years of my graduation.
BTW August Sander is one of my favourite photographer with Diane Arbus.
Lovely sharings!