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4 december 2011

Cosy December

December came so quickly, I need something to warm me up! I wish we had snow, but alas, here in Malmö in the south of Sweden it's only grey and windy. I stayed in almost all the weekend, and had time to surf around to find some cosiness. I love to curl up on the sofa with a warm throw/rug, read a book, watch a documentary on TV or surf around on blogs:

Moray throw (A) or Heather throw (B) made of  wool.
 British made in a traditional Scottish mill. From Plumo webshop
Mohair rug from Åhléns

When metal jewelry feels too cold around your neck, go for something made of yarn:

Crochet Bow Neclace,
 from Rachel Hunnicutt's Etsy shop Cornflower Blue Studio

Knitted and braided necklace from Anna McNeill's Etsy shop

I would like to have a new cowl and get ready before the temperature drops really low. Hard to choose though! I found two that I like on Etsy. A big one with big wooden buttons that can be worn in many ways and a smaller one with smaller buttons that can be worn like in the pic or turned around the other way. Hope I will get one of them!

From Etsy shop Lulu & Loie
From Etsy shop Lit Knits

The floors in my flat get really cold in the winter, and I had Shepherd slippers like these that I used for many years. But at the end of last winter I had to throw them away, there were holes in them. I wish for a new pair of this sheepskin cosiness for Christmas. And my son wants a pair too. 

Sheperd Moa Slippers, found them on brandos.se

I have a knit hat that I like, but it's not really warm enough when it gets really cold. I like this one - the shape, the knit pattern and the cranberry colour.
From Etsy shop Jill Lauren

And finally, for cosy evenings or really lazy days at home, the most comfortable things I can wear while having a cup of tea and reading your blogs :-)

Robe, Horsey long t-shirt and Merry flannel pants from Cubus. Belle Cup from Indiska

And for todays Daily dose of quirkiness - Snowman Cupcakes :-)

Snowman Cupcakes from the blog mommyapolis
PS I suddely thought "oh, I spelled cosy the wrong way! And that is the key word here!". But cozy is American English and cosy is British English, isn't it? 

7 kommentarer:

Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style sa...

Mycket värmande där. VIll bara säga att madame vann boken! Grattis.


Hurra, vad kul! Ska bli härligt med inredningsinspiration i bokform! TACK Lisbeth!

Noreen Sullivan sa...

I am with you about warm throws, and cowls, and especially the snowman cupcakes. Happy winter!

Amber sa...

We don't get much cold weather in Florida, but I love cozy just the same! Those blankets look so soft!

Gulcin of Olric sa...

Oh! You're from Malmö! I heard that you have a great, long bcycle roads to ride all around city.
Thanks for lovely sharings and i love the dress with horses!
Wish you a warm day! :)

Gulcin of Olric sa...

I'm happy that you liked my post,and thank you very much for sharing your memories of childhood,it was nice to read and imagine...
BTW, I live in Turkey.

leah of sang the bird sa...

Maria, such cosy finds. I spell cosy with an 's' too x