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23 december 2011

Christmas gift for me :-)

Leaf hanger in five parts - soon on my wall :-)
Just in time for Christmas I got a mail telling me I have won the Leaf hanger from the Swedish designers LagströmWiktorsson, that was one of the amazing giveaways at emmas designblogg this December. Thank you Emma and thank you designers!!!

The Leaf hanger consists of five laser cut steel rings where you can hang anything from clothes to magazines or jewellery. It's made of left over materials from the production of Tree towel-/clothes stand - I like that kind of thinking a lot! When it's empty, shadows from the rings are playing on the wall. I will hang it beside my bed and hang my clothes and accessories on it in the evening.

I'm sure a lot of you already now about emmas designblogg, because the photos she posts often go around and around in the interior blog world. A recent and very good tip from Emma's blog is about  the first English edition of the Lithuanian online magazine Llamas' Valley. Very inspiring when I went through it the other day, and during the holidays I will take time to read it properly. In this first issue there is an interview with Emma Fexeus from emmas designblogg :-)

Read it here

There will be no small children where I celebrate Christmas, so therefore I chose a beautiful face of a child - with a twist - for my Daily dose of quirkiness :-)

The Last Girl by Gottfried Helnwein

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manvi @ mochatini sa...

enjoy the leaf hanger. congrats on the win. Wish you and your loved ones the very merriest of Christmas and fabulous new year.