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31 december 2011

Happy balanced 2012!

Photograph from 1904

I'm really looking forward to see what 2012 will bring, and I will try hard to make it better than 2011 was for me. But there was good things about the past year as well, one of them that I started blogging in October. It has been a lot of fun to interact with lovely people from all over the world, thank you all!

The most important thing for me to accomplish in 2012 is to find balance in my life. Balance between using my brain and using my body, balance between beeing spontaneous and having routines, balance between full gear and slacking. Just to name a few of my balance challenges. What will be most important for you in 2012?

Happy New Year to all of you!/ Gott Nytt År allihop!

30 december 2011

I'm not gonna be scared...

Marilyn Monroe in a Milton Greene photograph, 1953

"Not a scared

lonely little girl


Marilyn Monroe

quote found here

28 december 2011

I didn't do it in time

I bought some moss the day before Christmas Eve, to put under my glass bell with some christmas decorations. But, as I am really slow right now, I didn't really do it until today = I made it less christmasy. It was fun to cut out another cute girl from a vintage magazine :-)

Some more cut-out in my Daily dose of quirkiness, with one of Lynn Whipple's "ninnies": Fred was never late for happy hour. Cheers. This also serves as a reminder that New Years Eve is coming up shortly! Lynn Whipple has a website, a blog and an Etsy shop

by Lynn Whipple

27 december 2011

Springy colours after Christmas

Directly after Christmas I get quite tired of all the christmasy decorations and colours. Well, it's still nice with lots of candles and light garlands since it's so dark here in Sweden, but right now I just wanted to look at some springy inspiration in light colours. Maybe you feel like it too?

Weekday Carnival /  Word art by Mati Rose McDonough /
Urban Outfitters / Photographer Jennifer Causey via SF Girl by Bay

A couple of years ago I wanted to collect old flower paintings, and started looking in thrift stores and flea markets. But I only got until three paintings... The pic to the right below reminded me - I would like a flower painting wall! And that throw on the bed on the pic to the left shure looks cosy. I can't really decide if I like the colour combination or not...

Home in Berkeley, California via re-nest  / Isabella van Reeuwijk for HK Living via Decor8

Better Homes and Gardens / Tim Walker Photography

Elle Interiör Geronimo balloon-troopers

Back to winter in my Daily dose of quirkiness. I love the old lady in this manipulated photo, and I must say I miss the company of old people. 

By Platinum FMD

25 december 2011

My Christmas Eve

I said in my last post that I would lit a sparkler and think of all the sweet readers
 who leave comments on my blog, and I did... :-)

Some snapshots from my Christmas Eve with my son, his father/my exhusband Charlie and his wife Kristina, and of course Gustav, the cat. Very cosy evening with really good food, nice presents and good company. I hope that all of you who celebrate Christmas Day today will have a really cosy and good evening!

My son Axel and his father Charlie

My son Axel in one of his Christmas gifts - a poncho


We like tomtebloss/sparklers!


The cat found a cosy place on a soft
Christmas gift, in front of the fire :-)


Kristina and Charlie


We tried to send off an "airballon-lantern" up into the dark sky, but it got stuck in a tree :-)
Luckily it didn't start a fire in the tree...

23 december 2011

Merry Christmas!

Photo by Teresa Q on Flickr

I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I will lit some sparklers (in Swedish Tomtebloss) tomorrow on Christmas Eve and think of the nice people who leaves comments here on my blog. Thank you! You are a sparkle in my life!

Christmas gift for me :-)

Leaf hanger in five parts - soon on my wall :-)
Just in time for Christmas I got a mail telling me I have won the Leaf hanger from the Swedish designers LagströmWiktorsson, that was one of the amazing giveaways at emmas designblogg this December. Thank you Emma and thank you designers!!!

The Leaf hanger consists of five laser cut steel rings where you can hang anything from clothes to magazines or jewellery. It's made of left over materials from the production of Tree towel-/clothes stand - I like that kind of thinking a lot! When it's empty, shadows from the rings are playing on the wall. I will hang it beside my bed and hang my clothes and accessories on it in the evening.

I'm sure a lot of you already now about emmas designblogg, because the photos she posts often go around and around in the interior blog world. A recent and very good tip from Emma's blog is about  the first English edition of the Lithuanian online magazine Llamas' Valley. Very inspiring when I went through it the other day, and during the holidays I will take time to read it properly. In this first issue there is an interview with Emma Fexeus from emmas designblogg :-)

Read it here

There will be no small children where I celebrate Christmas, so therefore I chose a beautiful face of a child - with a twist - for my Daily dose of quirkiness :-)

The Last Girl by Gottfried Helnwein

22 december 2011

welcome paper Santa

Tonight I lit the candles in my hall and say welcome :-) This will be the first thing you see if you step in to my apartment right now. I took out the old paper Santa tonight, some other christmasy things and a brass candlestick I bought at a thrift shop when I visited a friend in Växjö in November.

Tomorrow I will have to buy a couple of more Christmas gifts, Saturday = Christmas Eve is THE day here in Sweden.

Love the Bear illustration from Trollbäck

Bear illustration by Henning Trollbäck

My order from Henning Trollbäck has arrived, and I'm so happy - his illustrations looks even better in real life than in the pictures :-)

I got a Bear illustration (mother bear with two cubs) and a set of Nativity matchboxes with Henning Trollbäck's illustrations. I will frame the illustration, but for now it's washi-taped on my wall.

There is eight illustrated matchboxes in Henning Trollbäck's Nativity set, here are the three wise men.

I was very happy with my order when it arrived, but that is not always the case when you shop online...as you can see in my Daily dose of quirkiness :-)

By Aled Lewis

20 december 2011

Clean up some mess and make it christmasy

Today I need to clean up some of my mess at home and make it a bit more christmasy. That's why I only have time for my Daily dose of quirkiness today, but enjoy photographer Christian Metzler's interpretation of christmas decorating :-)

Christian Metzler

18 december 2011

Forth of Advent - DIY hostess gifts

It's the fourth Sunday in Advent, and I am invited to a before-Christmas-dinner at my dear friend Maria's house. She is going to work in Stockholm on Christmas Eve and wanted to have a Christmasy dinner with her family and a few friends before she leaves for Stockholm on Wednesday. 

I started my day with a looong breakfast, preparing for some DIY with an old magazine from 1949. My kitchen table was quite messy, with yarn and string and paper and other things laying around. I had decided to bring a few DIY-gifts for the hostess. 

I made an angel, using a paper doilie, a music sheet, a face from the old magazine, glue and string. The idea comes from here, and I posted about it earlier here.

And then I made a very simple red line embroidery on a map, to remind Maria about the way home to Malmö. She started a new job in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago, but she still lives here in Malmö. She works for a few days, comes home for a few days, back to work and so on. The red line is the way the train goes from Malmö to Stockholm - and back. The idea of embroidery on a map comes from here. I put the map in a vintage frame from a thrift store, that I had forgotten that i had.

I also gave her a cake stand made of a Berlin souvenir plate and a goldy thing (candle stick?) from a thrift store. She got married in November and they went to Berlin for their honeymoon-weekend. I posted about the cake stand here.

We had a lovely dinner at Maria's place, with both traditional Swedish Christmas food and some new and fresh addings. (Among other things a salad made with ruccola, kale (grönkål), orange cut in pieces and smoked almonds. Simple to do, was very tasty with our usual Swedish Christmas food. I think I will make it on Christmas Eve.) And we had home made Christmas candy too of course :-) Maria was happy about the gifts, especially the embroidered framed map.

 I hope you all had a nice forth of Advent Sunday! Next weekend Christmas is really here. Rapidly approaching! So for my Daily dose of quirkiness I chose a Christmas couple :-)

Illustration "My Deer" by Ahmet ÖZcan

17 december 2011

Etsy loveliness

I wish I could click and order some of this loveliness from Etsy shops right now. I was expecting a refill in my purse on friday, but it looks like I have to wait until monday, and I'm so impacient to click home some favourite things. I will not be able to order all of this, but maybe I will order more another time... Find anything you like?

Citoyennes de Berlin

2 paper lanterns "Winter Animals" 
$7.50 USD / 54 SEK

Wall Decals "Forest Friends"
$17.00 USD / 121 SEK

6 rubber stamps "Clouds"
$16.00 USD / 114 SEK

Quill and Fox

Terrarium Postcard Set, 8 cards
$12.50 USD / 89 SEK 

Typewriter Hello Card, pack of 10
$11.50 USD / 82 SEK


Navajo Printed Leather-Suede Pouch native aztec
$52.00 USD / 370 SEK (found via Creature Comforts)

Wicked Paper Co.

Where You Love Art Print
$16.00 USD / 114 SEK (found via Creature Comforts)


Paper Mache Vessel Black and Gold - The Wavy
$25.00 USD / 178 SEK


2012 Crested Shield Calendar
$29.50 USD / 210 SEK

And with the big family holiday coming up, let me show you the Storytime Rocking Chair for my Daily dose of quirkiness :-) Reading a story for three children, how cosy!

Rocking Chair by Hal Taylor

16 december 2011

Make it a playful weekend

It's friday again. It seems like time is on fast forward and I'm on pause. And I think the mood that I'm putting myself in is making me even slower. I procrastinate because I worry and things get messy. Better to try to have some fun, even if the worries aren't solved. Worrying isn't getting me anywhere.

Have a great, playful weekend everyone!

15 december 2011

Henning Trollbäck

Dalahäst by Henning Trollbäck
Can be bought as poster or postcard at Hoppa hage webshop.

Last week I found the Swedish illustrator and graphic designer Henning Trollbäck's beautiful Dalahorse poster (above). Since I liked it I googled his name and found the artists website and blog, and now I have ordered his matchboxes with Jesus in the manger (Mary and Joseph, baby Jesus, the star, the three wise men and the donkey) and also an illustration with a bear and it's two cubs. I like his work a lot, and it's extra fun to buy something from a young Swedish artist. I recommend a look around in his blog :-)

As you can see above you can buy Dalahäst poster or postcard at the Webshop Hoppa hage. If you are interested in other illustrations or the matchboxes, you are welcome to contact Henning Trollbäck by mail: henning@trollback.se (I ordered the matchboxes and bear illustration that way).

Matchboxes with illustrations by Henning Trollbäck

Cut out by Henning Trollbäck

The cat in my Daily dose of quirkiness has cuddled up in a warm and cosy place...

Found via Curious Work on Pinterest.
Very old photo, I don't think I have to worry about copyright.