"" JAMIE SAYS DREAM: Return trip to a blog

5 november 2011

Return trip to a blog

I haven't looked in to the Swedish blog Purple Area for a while, but I got very inspired when I returned today. For exemple I love the pics from the blog owners home office.

Photo: Purple Area

I also really like her interpretation of a 2012 trend called Pure. According to the Swedish "trend expert" Stefan Nilsson, Pure is one of five trends for our homes in 2012. At Purple Area I read that the wooden trend will continue but with more focus on asian details and pure, simple and uncomplicated interior. Key words: moss, fog, rice paper and wood with colour accents. 

Purple Area's interpretation of the trend Pure. 
Click here to find information about the pieces in the photo. 

For my Daily dose of quirkiness I would like to present another Swede - the photographer Brutus Östling. He is the book publisher who got into photography and became famous for his bird photos. Most of them are really beautiful, but I chose this quirky one :-) 

Check out some of his photos in his blog or on his web site (also in English)

Photo: Brutus Östling