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7 november 2011

Only three weeks until Advent

Soon time to lit the first Advent candle. Photo: Me and Alice, found via La Maison d'Anna G.

Oh my, first Sunday of Advent is 27 November this year, only three weeks left. My electric Advent candle stick is intact  but I need to buy one or two new Advent Stars. I like the simple Stråla from Ikea. It uses a LED lamp, wich saves a lot of energy, and it's cheap so I could by more then one. I also comes in a version for the table (pic below).

Stråla table decoration with LED lamp from Ikea. 

I'm bad at giving Advent glögg parties, but I really want to do it this year. It doesn't have to be expensive and complicated.  The feeling is the most important - nice people, lots of candles and some (DIY) decoration to set off the Christmas spirit. But not too Christmasy, it's Advent not Christmas Eve!

This pic that Bright Bazaar posted last december ("Six Ideas For Your Holiday Tabletops") is quite inspiring when it comes to atmosphere and colours. 

So is this inspiration photo from Granit. 

I'm thinking decoration made of paper (white, brown, newspaper-/bookpages), lots of white, lots and lots of candels, garlands, stars and christmas lights. Some flowers too, hyacinths of course (always for Advent in Sweden) and some more that I will really enjoy choosing from a flower shop. I love moss, and I think it's beautiful when you keep it simple without decorations in the moss, like in the photo below.  The moss and flowers gives some colour. 

Photo: Sara vill fara

Photo: Poppel

Of course there has to be glögg and wine and some food at a Glögg Party. Like gingerbread, lussekatter (a special Christmas bun with saffron in it), some blue cheese for the ginger bread, some cheese balls, small sandwiches and salty puff pastry rolls (I found some recepies in Swedish here) And mineral water, beacause glögg can make you quite thirsty. 

I want to make many many many paper snowflakes. Did you do them in your childhood too? I want to decorate tables, windows and make garlands with the snowflakes. You can find a lot of tutorials online, like here and here and here. I migh also make a garland or window decorations out of some doilies from the thrift store.

Garlands from here, here, here and here

And this is so pretty, a screen shot from Gifted Magazine
Found via a link at the blog Needlework inspiration

And this, from hviit blog. I really, really like snowflakes!

Some DIY ideas for more decoration with bookpages/newspaper/music sheets, doilies, yarn and lace. Maybe I will actually make some of them :-) Click the image to enlarge it!

1. Paper angels by Rabbit hearted girl on Flickr. Find some faces in a vintage magazine or online and print them out (ok if it's for private use) and mix with book pages and doilies. You can se the pic larger at Pinterest

2 & 3. For the glögg, brown paper mugs and letter stamps to make them personal and fun. 

4. Beutiful free printable angel from The Graphics Fairy (also a tutorial for lavender sachets with this print after the click.)

5. Wrap match boxes in music sheets and maybe some washi tape. Pic from Lobster and Swan on Flickr

6. Make some tassels with yarn, tutorial at Live a lot

7. Lovely paper bird made of a book page. Tutorial at Under the Table and Dreaming

8. Lace hearts starced with glue. In more colours and with tutorial at Blúnduskraut

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness, lets not think about Advent and Christmas. I give you a fun stop motion film by Constantine Konovalov, found via the blog Dude Craft. 

I LOOK & MOVE from Constantine Konovalov on Vimeo.

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live a lot sa...

Riktigt snyggt inlägg med massor av härlig inspiration ju :)
Mina bilder får man alltid låna, hur mycket man vill :)

Ha en riktigt härlig vecka!

Kram Malin

Hvite tulipaner sa...

Oi, her var det mange herlige innlegg siden sist:)

Hele helgen gikk med til kos og hygge med mann og familie her hos meg. Greit å koble ut fra nett av og til:)

Jeg tenker også at blått er litt sommer, selv om jeg faktisk har brukt mye blått i forbindelse med jul de siste årene.
Ser veldig frem til jul i år, til å lage litt pynt selv. Husker selv snøkrystallene fra barndommen, sånn som du skriver, det var tider med hjemmelagd julepynt:)

Ha en fin mandagskveld!
Klem E

Pernilla Plaza Interiör sa...

Wow vad mycket härlig inspiration du bjuder på! Nu längtar jag om möjligt ännu mer efter julen, mys! Kram Pernilla

Dessi at [Home and desire] sa...

Jag längtar så! Galet!

Sofia sa...

Vilken mysig adventsljusstake från Me and Alice!

Haha, för min del så tror jag att det har med husflytten att göra - för jag brukar aldrig vilja julpynta annars! Kan berätta att jag har smygit in en och annan dikes-gran också..