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19 november 2011

Olle Eksell eyes, graffiti and thrifting

I think many of you are familiar with this poster design by Olle Eksell - the famous eyes? Did you know that they have their origin in Malmö in Sweden, where I live?

Design Sponge Sneak Peek: Charlotte Swiden and  Clem Stamation
Poster design: Olle Eksell

Olle Eksell's eyes in Malmö,  entrance to a culture shool
Photo: Jamie says dream

Olle Eksell's design for the Ögoncacao package,
in a big verison on the roof of the old Mazetti factory in Malmö.
Photo: Jamie says dream

The pics above shows the old Mazetti factory, founded in Malmö in 1888. It was here that the famous Mazetti Ögoncacao ("eye cacao") was made, and also chocolate made from the cacao beans. In 1954, the company needed to refresh their brand, and a young Olle Eksell got his first job. For those of you who read Swedish, you can read more about when Eksell created the classic eyes here.

Today, the big building has gone through a metamorphosos and gives room for a culture school for children and teenagers, a gallery, a club, a restaurant, a pub, work spaces for cartoonists - and a new small chocolate factory.

Yesterday I passed the Mazetti house on my way to a couple of thrift stores. When there is no hurry, I find it very relaxing to slowly scan a shop :-)

On my walk I passed some graffiti made of Limpotu , a Brasilian living in Malmö. This is painted on one of two legal graffiti walls in Malmö. In Stockholm, the Swedish capital, there are none.

Photo: Jamie says dream

Graffiti tree. Photo: Jamie says dream

And what did I find at the trhift store? Just some small and very cheap things... First a nordic flora with ferns and other beautiful botanical illustrations (Nordens Flora by C.A.M. Lindman, part 1)
Photo: Jamie says dream

A big wooden candle stick that needs a little cleaning and maybe som paint. 
Photo: Jamie says dream

A souvenir plate from Berlin and a golden thing that will be glued on as a base, to make a cake stand. 
Photo: Jamie says dream

A small exhibition catalog for Mette Björnberg's exhibition Mixed Emotions 2004. 
Yellow Pool / Split / Deathbed / View . Artworks by Mette Björnberg. ¨
Photo of the catalouge pages: Jamie says dream

I also found a photo magazine from 1999, with pictures that I liked (Bild & digital fotografi nr 5 1999).
Photo feautered in the magazine: Derek Ridgers/PYMCA
This photo: Jamie says dream

Photo feautered in the magazine: Esko Männikkö
This photo: Jamie says dream

Photo feautered in the magazine: Esko Männikkö
This photo: Jamie says dream

In a couple of hours I will meet up with my friend Anna, for lunch and a walk. Hopefully she's going to give me some photo tips! I need it! Have a really good Saturday!

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Mackapär Ulrika sa...

Tack för snälla, fina kommentarer hos mig! Här finns det mycket att kolla igenom ser jag :)
Vad kul att du också har en Axel, väldigt fint namn tycker jag. Och tranorna kan jag rekommendera, kanske tar ett tag i början men när man fått kläm på det så går det undan att vika.
Trevlig lördag!


Tack själv Ulrika! Nu ska jag googla efter beskrivning av hur man gör tranor :-)

Kaylovesvintage sa...

I love that poster ,can you still buy it.I get the tin from it.
nice vintage