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1 november 2011

My mess and others

Photo from the reality check post at Weekend Carnival

I was thinking about posting about the mess at home that I have been to lazy to take care of AND in the right moment Riikka with the blog Weekend Carnival posted about the mess in her home, with pictures to prove it (although she has so many pretty things in her home that even the mess is mostly beautiful). She also challenged her blog readers to take photos of their own mess and mail it to her. And I did! Love the idea! Do you dare? Check out Weekend Carnivals post and the rest of her photos here. And you will find her and her blog readers Reality Check photos here.

Sorry about the crappy photos taken in the evening without flash... Here is some of my mess:

Two unmounted Ikea chairs in my hall, accompanied by kitchen cabinet doors that needs to be put back in place after beeing spraypainted. A Bob Marley painting that is going in to my sons room when he and I have cleaned it up properly. It's autumn break know, so we MUST take care of the mess in there. On the floor a router that has fallen down from the shelf, and I didn't pick it up. Messy bookshelves and a jacket hanging to dry.

Bed area in my livingroom (my son has the only bedroom in the apartment) with unmade bed, piles of books (a couple of them have fallen down, under the chair) and magazines and in the front loads of things on the table where I should be able to be creative.

Missing curtain rod in my kitchen. It fell down, and I haven't yet borrowed a driller to put it up again. I nailed up a random piece of fabric, because there are building workers all around the house, working on windows and the roof. I don't want them to watch me having breakfast.

Dishes in my kitchen - more on the bench as well. Be brave and send your own mess photos to Weekday Carnival. Mail address and preferred photo sizes here.

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness - an organic clock:

"The clock is powered by a safe chemical reaction between mud and metal electrodes, displaying the time without the need for additional power sources. (Designers: Francesco Castiglione Morelli & Tommaso Ceschi)" More fun green growing design here!

3 kommentarer:

pernilla Plaza Interiör sa...

Men oj, ner från väggen, vilket projekt=), även min diskbänk ser ut sådär just nu... måndagar alltså.. Ha en fin dag! Stor kram Pernilla


Tack detsamma Pernilla!

Gulcin of Olric sa...

I think your mess is also pretty! My eagle eyes can see some pretty plates,a print of girl with the pearl and a cool bob marley painting!:)