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3 november 2011

Make do - DIY with what I already have

My income is very irregular and right now I'm so broke. And there is a lot of other not-so-nice things for me to take care of. Well, instead of hiding under a rock I will try to make do with what I have.

Today I was thinking about what fun and easy DIY-things I could do with tings I already have. What I have and abosolutely nothing else! I do NOT have a big DIY stash, but I have some fabric, a ball of yarn and knitting needles, some paper and glue, some washi tape, some string and a can of spray paint.

I hope I will do at least one or two of these DIY projects:

Bunting made of string and washi tape by Designtjejen

Washi Tape Antlers by Stylizimo

Knitted mug cosy. If I'm going to try to knit I should start small. 

Add elbow patches to my grey wool cardigan. 
A Beautiful Mess shows me how to place them right. 

I have been collecting some small white crocheted table cloths from thrift stores. Approaching last Christmas I was thinking of starching them and make a garland, or simply hang them by a thread in the windows. I never did, but I can do it for this Christmas/Winter. Or I can make this candle holder with the table cloths, suger starch and a balloon to mold it around. This beautiful one is made by Spirello

Another way to make a candle holder is to use a tin can and a big nail. I found these here

Pimp my match boxes. This one is made by Live a lot

I have showed you these before, inspiration for DIY with soda cans and spray paint. I don't have any white spray paint, but I do have a can in turquoise/teil. Do you think that would work?

I have this fabric that I could turn into a pillow. 

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness, another art work by Catrin Welz-Stein:

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