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1 november 2011

Living Jewels - a future fantasy

Necklace from Viola Living Jewels, found via BLOOM

When I was posting my Daily dose of quirkiness with the organic clock and a link to more fun green growing design I was reminded of Viola Living Jewels. It's so dreamy and unpracticle and beautiful.

I imagined a future where green growing things are very rare. Rich people wear living jewelry as status symbols and pay incredible money for it. But they forget to take care of the plants in the jewelry, which means that even less plants are left in the world. Poor people go on expeditions to find the rare plants. Some of them sell them to get rich, but some of them wants to make the plants flourish so that they can multiply and make the world greener again.

More from Viola Living Jewels, via BLOOM

5 kommentarer:

Julie sa...

So pretty...that's definitely a conversation piece!


Julie: yes, it is pretty. But I wonder who buys them...

Luna-See sa...

I'm the proud owner of a Viola Living Jewel! I had a necklace commissioned for my wedding this past July. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to wear something so stunning and unique on our wedding day. I'm grateful for the love and care that Ms. Viola pours into her designs. She worked within my budget and even attended my final dress fitting (at no additional cost) to make sure everything was perfect. She's dedicated to her craft as well as her client's happiness.

My Living Jewel was the perfect compliment to our handmade wedding. When it's not being worn, the removable air plant hangs in my indoor Tillandsia garden. It's one of the many handmade treasures in our home which reminds me of the most magical day of my life! Unpractical? Hardly. It's a work of (living) art!


Well THAT is a good moment to buy and wear a Viola Living Jewel, for your wedding! And that she attended your final dressing fitting is great!

Thanks for sharing (I wanted to visit your blog but your profile was blocked...)

Kate sa...

oh ! thank you for showing me this link - those are just beautiful !!! : )