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4 november 2011

Daniella Witte's Magic Torso

Photo: Daniella Witte
Daniella Witte is a Swedish interior designer and stylist who has worked for Ikea, but now runs her own business with interior design, styling, photography and a lifestyle store (a physical shop, not a web shop). In this pic above you can see her image Magic Torso, featuring Turning Torso, the most know building in Malmö where i live. I really like the mix in this still life, everything from Daniella Wittes shop Inreda Utreda. If I had money in my pocket I would visit the shop, it's not far from Malmö.

All images from Daniella Wittes blog. Photo: Daniella Witte. 

It seems like birds and antlers were hot already in the late 19th Century, as you can see in my Daily dose of quirkiness...

Update 2012-06-28: I'm sorry, this is not just a vintage photo, it's a photomanipulation by Magic Jelly. Thank's for the information :-) It's hard to find sources to vintage photos, and if they are old enough you can presume that the copyright is no longer valid. BUT it might be a manipulation of a vintage photo. Still, there is no source to the original vintage photo.

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4 kommentarer:

Dessi at [Home and desire] sa...

Jag har nästan precis hittat till hennes blogg och "Oh my god" så mycket fint!

Daniella Witte sa...

Så fint du har skrivit om mig. Tack så jätte mycket!!

Hoppas du kommer förbi min butik någon dag. Inget köptvång finns ska du veta:) Kram kram


Tack, vill gärna ta en tur dit när min bilburna vänninna från barndomsstaden Växjö kommer på besök nästa gång. Tror hon skulle gilla din butik väldigt mycket nämligen. Och tack för "Tack till..." på din blogg!!/Maria

Karena sa...

Actually, that is my artwork, a photomanipulation made only a few years ago. http://magicjelly.com.au/blog/2007/10/before-and-after/