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24 november 2011

Crooks Like Us & Vodka Factory

Via Mannamaker

Via Mannamaker

Via Mannamaker

I haven't read Peter Doyle's book Crooks Like Us, but I have seen a lot of the photographs publiced in the book around the web. It's absolutely beautiful portraits, but the story behind them are sad.

"Peter Doyle has written an exciting book that pulls the bark off Sydney's family trees. Crooks Like Us uses glass negatives of photographs taken just after arrest and before going before court. Normally the practice is that mug shots, front and side, are taken either at the station after processing, charging or trial or sometimes at prison. In Doyle's book the crooks are still in their street clothes, uncharged, startlingly surprised at arrest, still high from flight, the drugs, the theft or the load up. Character is written all over their faces. They are our father's father's father or our mother's mother's mother, perhaps once removed, probably by force, but they are who we are. Crooks 'R' Us." 
This is what Charles Waterstreet wrote about Crooks Like Us in Sydney Morning Herald, National Times in september 2009, when the book was new. 

Two women's dreams in a rough reality in another country, Russia, can be seen in the documentary Vodkafabriken (The Vodka Factory). I saw it yesterday, and if you understand Swedish or Russian you can watch it here until 22 December 2011. Otherwise, look out for it. It's fantastic! 

Read more about the film in English here. 

Press photo from Hysteria Film
Press photo from Hysteria Film

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leah of sang the bird sa...

beautiful portraits xxx

christina sa...

julinspirationen från poppel gör sig fint till höger! ha en fin torsdag!

Hvite tulipaner sa...

Ja det er virkelig fine portrettbilder.
Tror ikke jeg har svart på spm ditt ang kamera...det er på reparasjon, vet ikke når jeg får det tilbake:S Utrolig kjedelig, men jeg overlever:)
God torsdagskveld til deg!
Klem E