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17 november 2011

Birdy inspiration - with link to source!

Love this photo by Linda Kuster

Birds appear frequently in the blog world, and here is another post of birdy inspiration :-) I have collected some nice pics that I would like to share.

BUT a lot of the photos I wanted to share did not have a link that enabled me to find out the copyright owner.  :-(   I know I have done it too, two or three times, posted a pic without a source. But my policy is not to do that, and from now on i promise not to post a single photo or illustration without source. And then I mean a source that allows you to find out who holds the copyright, not a link to a tumblr blog that posted the pic without source!!! (Tumblr-blogs seems to be among the worst when it comes to this.)

I know it's hard to stop carless, without-sorce-sharing of copyright pics on blogs, but maybe you and I can help to hold it back a bit? To NOT make it ok. Are you with me?

I made a simple "button" and put it in the menu to the right on my blog. Would be nice if more people would do the same, with my or their own button. Lets all do better!

To find the source of an image you can use TinEye or Google image search (Thank you to Judy from the blog True Blue You and Me for the tip about Google image search). Once you have installed it, you can just right click on the image and choose "Search Image on TinEye" or "Search Google with this image". 

Anyway, back to Birdy inspiration! Click the images to see them larger!

Image from The Smashing Pumpkins music video Thirty-Three, directed by Yelena  Yemchuck.
Check out more images and the video here, on the blog Cat Party,

In the Field by Wylie Maercklein on Flickr

Eugenio Recuenco

Couture Black Wings Headpeace
from Arturo Rios  on Etsy

Eugenio Recuenco again.  Take a look at his website - stunning photos!!!

5 kommentarer:

leah of sang the bird sa...

Great message and phiosophy! As for your birds.... LOVE!!! it. The tattoo image has me transfixed. And the eyes in image one... wow! Really lovely x

Will @ Bright.Bazaar sa...

I'm defo with you - really hard for creatives (or anyone for that matter) when they see their work without the correct credit.

JLR22 sa...

Thank you for sending this message of giving credit where credit is due. I'm so tired of a blogger saying "unknown source" and when all they have to do is install the google image search app on their computer. I've seen this beautiful photo of this young man and bird ALL OVER with no attribution, so thank you so much for finding it! Again, with tineye.com and google image search, there is no excuse for bloggers to not go the extra mile to find the source. Also, pinterest and tumblr are not sources!

JLR22 sa...

Also, love your blog and am now following you on bloglovin. I have stopped following blogs that repeatedly do not cite sources.


Great that you agree Leah, Will and JLR22!

@JLR22 (Judy?) it's not possible to reach your blog by clicking on the JLR22-link. I think you have to approve access for readers. What is the name of the blog?
Thanks for your kind words, makes me happy!