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16 november 2011

Back already - inspired by Sweet Paul

I couldn't stay away... I don't have any energy to do much more than sitting in front of the tv or computer right now, but at least I can do that. And gather inspiration for better days, with better health and a little more money in my pocket. Like inspiration from Sweet Pauls Magazine, winter 2011. Always so pretty and inspiring! Read it online here!

From Sweet Paul Magazine Winter 2011 via Creature Comforts

Screen Print from Sweet Paul Magazine Winter 2011
Click for larger image!

I really want to make some Scotty Dog Ornaments, like in the pic above! (I think I have some sort of tartan fabric to use) and I would like to try the Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Star Toast as well. AND the Star French Toast and a white star wreath and a white paper tree....and more! You really should have a look (and you will get hungry!)

I hear a lot that people really long for Christmas and Advent, more than usual this year I think. Or maybe it's just beacause I long for it more than usual (I blame the blog world!). Anyway, if Sweet Paul Magazine is not enough to satisfy your need for Christmasy things, I offer you some more inspiration: 

Middle Row: Instant Comfort Pocket Box, Christmas Version by Kim Welling, sold in her Etsyshop. Perfect little gift for friends! Christmas Tree made of paper cupcake liners and a star from Sweet Paul's blog, November 2009

Bottom Row: Button Star from Bilancia Designs shop, found via Pinterest. (With a little patience I guess you can do it with wire, fabric and lots of buttons). Wine Bottle Sweater Sleeves, very cute wrapping for a winebottle you bring to your hosts. Tutorial at DIY Craft Projects, found via Pinterest. 

Beard countdown to Christmas is my Daily dose of quirkiness today :-) 

Via La classe della maestra Valentina

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Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style sa...

Klockan är "mitt i natten" och här sitter vi och bloggar! Kul att se dig online igen. Ha det gott, Lisbeth


Ibland är det väääääldigt svårt att sätta stopp :-)

Vi ses!

leah of sang the bird sa...

Sweet Paul is beautiful. Such lovely styling! Thanks for your kind words.