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28 november 2011

Giveaways at Hviit and Creative Living

Hviit webbshop har en önskeliste-tävling varje vecka fram till jul, och i söndags drogs den första vinnaren. Nu är det dags för önskelista nummer 2 - min blev svart-vit den här gången. Min första önskelista ser du här.  Vill du vara med? Läs här om vad du kan vinna och vad du behöver göra.

Hviit webshop has a wishlist-giveaway every week until Christmas. They draw a new winner every Sunday. Find out what you can win and what you have to do at the Hviit blog here. (But it is in Norwegian) This is my Wishlist number 2, in black and white. You can see my first one here

The items from Hviit webshop in the collage above:
Bowl from Tine K Home, Laundry Bag from Ferm Living, China Birdhouse, Paper napkins with black star, Winebottle Candleholder from Ferm living and Signatur ring from Tine K.

Lisbeth som bloggar om inredning på Creative Living och Wabi Sabi firar att hon har bloggat i 2,5 år genom att ge bort inredningsböcker till sina läsare. Den här veckan är det Förnya ditt hem med färg & form av Judith Wilson som man kan vinna. Kolla här om du vill vara med i utlottningen! 

Lisbeth who blogs about interior at Creative Living and Wabi Sabi celebrates 2,5 years of blogging by giving away interior books. This week it's a book in Swedish, but last time it was in English. 

25 november 2011

First of Advent weekend

I will go away during the weekend, to visit a very, very, very good friend and also my dear brother. I've just been sick-listed for a month and I haven't had the energy to prepare my home for Advent, but I will try to do that next week. This weekend I will just relax.

Here's some Advent inspiration from other blogs. Have a really nice first of Advent weekend!!!

From Bright Bazaars sneak peek into Holiday with Matthew Mead (2011)

From Bright Bazaar's sneak peek into Holiday with Matthew Mead 

From the Danish magazine Bo Bedre, found via the Swedish blog Flex inredning.
Photo: Kristian Septimius Krogh.

From the Danish magazine Bo Bedre, found via the Swedish blog Flex inredning
Photo: Kristian Septimius Krogh.

Pernilla Janssons home, from her blog at Plaza interiör

Sequin planter, rosemary plant and moss :-)
From Family Chic blog

Tiny trees from Family Chic blog

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness a fun Christmas card that you can buy from Look Mama!

PS Take a look at Poppels Christmas inspiration magazine in my right hand menu. It's really nice! And you can visit Poppels store and blog here

24 november 2011

Crooks Like Us & Vodka Factory

Via Mannamaker

Via Mannamaker

Via Mannamaker

I haven't read Peter Doyle's book Crooks Like Us, but I have seen a lot of the photographs publiced in the book around the web. It's absolutely beautiful portraits, but the story behind them are sad.

"Peter Doyle has written an exciting book that pulls the bark off Sydney's family trees. Crooks Like Us uses glass negatives of photographs taken just after arrest and before going before court. Normally the practice is that mug shots, front and side, are taken either at the station after processing, charging or trial or sometimes at prison. In Doyle's book the crooks are still in their street clothes, uncharged, startlingly surprised at arrest, still high from flight, the drugs, the theft or the load up. Character is written all over their faces. They are our father's father's father or our mother's mother's mother, perhaps once removed, probably by force, but they are who we are. Crooks 'R' Us." 
This is what Charles Waterstreet wrote about Crooks Like Us in Sydney Morning Herald, National Times in september 2009, when the book was new. 

Two women's dreams in a rough reality in another country, Russia, can be seen in the documentary Vodkafabriken (The Vodka Factory). I saw it yesterday, and if you understand Swedish or Russian you can watch it here until 22 December 2011. Otherwise, look out for it. It's fantastic! 

Read more about the film in English here. 

Press photo from Hysteria Film
Press photo from Hysteria Film

23 november 2011

Wishlist giveaway at hviit.no

Genom ett inlägg på Hvite Tulipaner fick jag veta att Hviit har en önskeliste-tävling varje vecka fram till jul. De drar en vinnare varje söndag. Här kan du läsa om vad du kan vinna och vad du behöver göra. Nedan ser du min önskelista från Hviit :-)

From a blogpost at Hvite Tulipaner I found out that Hviit has a wishlist-giveaway every week until Christmas. They draw a new winner every Sunday. Find out what you can win and what you have to do at the Hviit blog here. (But it is in Norwegian) This is my wishlist :-)

Photo: Hviit/Collage: Jamie says dream

All the products in the collage: Bambu armchair / Neclace deer pendant  / Bed linen from By Nord / Small blackboard / Pot stand / Ferm living knitted basket

22 november 2011

Mixed colourful interior

One day I'm all about very Scandinavian light wood-white-grey-small pops of colour-a little bit of black, and the next day I crave lots of colour. Hard to decide what to go for IRL, but it's easier with the Scandinavian I guess... Here is some colourful inspiration anyway!

I like the mix between the deep vintage colours and the cold, "hard" pink details of the rabbit picture and the lamp. It feels new to the eye:

Creative Living

This is a great sneak peak from Design Sponge, the mix of colour and fun details in this home is so cool. Click here to see the rest.

Design Sponge sneak peek: Addie Gartland

This house tour that Bright Bazaar posted not so long ago also shows a really great mix of colour and styles. Take a look at the rest here.

Bright Bazaar home tour: Mr Jason Grant's Sydney Apartment

Turquoise and apricot/coral is quite common in interior, but the colour combination of blue and a bit of apricot/coral feels fresh and new. Here a three exemples:

Photo: Sam McAdam.
Published in Homes:Decorating and republished on the austrailian site Home life
Petra Bindel (News 4.19.2010)
Photo: Petra Bindel, Styling: Emma Persson  Lagerberg
Photo: Beckers, found via DesignDaybyDay 

Softer colours in Lenneke Wispelwey's home, feautered at Bloesem. See the rest of this beautiful home here. The mix of the granny lamp, the wooden table, the soft graphic wallpaper, the pastel ceramics and chairs and the pics on the wall that seems to be teared out of magazines is great in the pic below:

Let's get personal: Leeneke Wispelwey at Bloesem

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness, a well known cube... Lots more colourful photos by Andrew B. Meyer here. 
Buyers remorse by Andrew B. Meyers

21 november 2011

Gift wrapping ideas that I like

Some gift wrapping ideas for Christmas and for Advent party host/hostess-gifts. I like it simple, not to cute and too much. Click on the source links for tutorials!

Sally J Shim's blog
A Little Hut blog
Two Shades of Pink blog
With washi tape from Papermash
Bugs and Fishes blog
Volume twenty five blog
 The Haystack Needle blog
Two Shades of Pink blog
Sweet Paul Magazine Winter 2011
This collage from Bright Bazaar

scjohanson, Family Economics
With a vintage scarf  from Brooklyn Bride

UPDATE: I just had to add the gift wrapping products from Pleased to meet that I just found via Bloesem . Gift wrapping paper with red car with a christmas tree on top costs 2,20 EUR

collage by Bloesem

I haven't posted my Daily dose of quirkiness for a while, but here it comes: Reindeer Gift Bag tutorial:

Family Fun

20 november 2011

Some things I loved this week

Amazing photo from the Tattoo magazine Sang Bleu

TwoFinger Scrabble Word rings from Etsy shop theloveylyteaspoon.
Found via See Me Everywhere

The Nesting gold pitchers from Etsy shop Sara Söderberg

Boat from walnut shell-ornament

This cover of woonshoppen magazine, via  vtwonens blog. To me, this colour combination feels very new for Christmas, but it still  gives me a a great christmasy feeling. You find the online magazine here.

Fairytale landscape in Fine little day's blogposts from Orust. See more here, here, here and here


Installation by Gabriel Dawe that I would like to see IRL.
From Don't Sew Angry's blogpost, which includes a link to an interview with the artist. 

And the cutest Bearded Collie puppies! I accompanied my friend Anna yesterday, when she looked at a puppy that her parents are going to buy. Their fur was the softest dog fur I have ever felt! And they were so social, curious and friendly that I wanted to take one home. Very blurry photos, but I just want you to get a little idea about how they looked. 

I wish this was a clear photo, so you could se how the puppy is looking at me.
My heart melted!