21 oktober 2011

Urban Walk

I really have to learn to use my camera (a simpler digital SLR) and to edit photos. So - today I went for a walk with my camera here in Malmö, a city in the south of Sweden.  Then I (very randomly, ha ha) did something with them in Photoshop. It must take some time to master to edit photos, with all those choices! Of course you can just keep them as they come out of the camera, but I want to learn Photoshop.

Any tips where to start?

As you can see I found some yarn graffiti on my walk today, and for my Daily dose of qurkiness - a whole bus with fantastic guerilla knitting by Magda Sayeg, found on the blog Don't Sew Angry.

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Dessi at [Home and desire] sa...

Superfina bilder! Jag har tyvärr inte så många tips, skulle också vilja lära mig mer om min kamera och redigering! Kul att du lämnade ett avtryck hos mig!