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16 oktober 2011


On Sundays I watch Moraeus med mera on Swedish Television. I think many of you have seen a Dala horse, like the red ones in the pic above (although they come in different colours). This show, with a mix of artists from different genres (Swedish artists, with a couple of exceptions), is made in Dalarna in Sweden, where the Dala horse comes from.  The artists hang out  toghether and then give a great show in the evening.  I love the mix of old and experienced and young and kind of new artists, and the set design of the show and the scenery in Dalarna is so beautiful.

Today I got to see Miss Li, Erik Hassle and the fantastic gypsy violinist Roby Lakatos among with two other artists - and the host Kalle Moraeus and his band of course. Look and listen to Miss Li and Erik Hassle in the clips from the show here if you like. On Spotify you find Miss Li here, Erik Hassle here 

Erik Hassle - Stay Away

Miss Li - You Could Have It

Erik Hassle and guitarist Viktor Paronitti Jansson - Hurtful (Unplugged)

And now I am looking forward to a new Swedish drama series, set in the year 1790 - Anno 1790.  I love costume dramas, and I love the 18th century so I am really looking forward to it. Starts next monday.

Source: svt.se via Maria on Pinterest

Source: svt.se via Maria on Pinterest

Source: meny.nu via Maria on Pinterest

And, as usual, my Daily dose of quirkiness. This time in 18th century style :-)

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