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26 oktober 2011

Red, white, grey, green and wood-ish

                           Via Fine Little Day, photo by Sofia at Mokkasin. 

As I said before, I need to cosy up my living room on a budget and I find it very hard to decide wich style and colour to go for. The other day I posted about red, turquoise and yellow to mix with base colours white, grey and neutrals and thought that was a good idea. But then I started to think about green....

Why? Because I have a big oil painting and a couple of prints that I really want to keep in my living room. I was thinking about moving them to the kitchen or hall, but no.... I want to keep them in my combined livingroom/bedroom. And they have lots of green in them.

The first print is this copy of Vermeers Girl with a Pearl Earring - in green! The original looks like this, but my version is a green print on a piece of wood that i picked up in a thrift store several years ago for 10 SEK (which is less than one euro/a little more  than one dollar) I love it! Love it more in green than in the original colours. Love the way the girl looks at me.

The other print was originally an oil painting by the Swedish artist Otte Sköld - La Petite Élégante from 1923. The print is from an art map that I found in a thrift store.

The oil painting is very hard to take pictures of. It's quite big and dark, and I like big dark paintings. It used to be my mothers, and it's painted by the mother of a childhood friend of mine.

As I also said before I have white walls and I have a red chaise longue from Ikea that I have to work with for now. I took a look at some other things I have for this colour palette:

(Have to get that brown wood book shelf out of the living room, it doesn't fit with anything...) Tomorrow I will post a collage with things I want to add - white, red, green or grey things :-) Sorry about the crappy photos, but I will learn...

My Daily dose of qurkiness would fit right in to this palette as well...

Fowl with Pearls via art.com

See you tomorrow! /Maria

4 kommentarer:

Fashion for Breakfast sa...

try painting the brown bookshelf so that it fits into the living room!


Fashion for Breakfast: Yes, I've been thinking about painting it :-)

reub-envision sa...

~The Fowl with Pearls is pretty perfect !

Hvite tulipaner sa...

Grønt er bare skjønt!
Og Girl with a Pearl Earring var bare så fin!
Håper du viser bilder når stuen er ferdig, jeg trenger litt fargeinspirasjon:)
Klem E