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30 oktober 2011

Lazy lazy lazy...

I have had a really lazy weekend, without any musts except doing laundry right now. I missed out on doing some fun stuff too because I was lazy, but you really can't eat the cake and have it too.

Saturday it was season premiere for Downton Abbey at the Swedish Television (svt).  I had tea and cake while watching, thought that was appropriate :-)

Tea at Downton Abbey and tea at home for me. 

Early this evening I watched an episode of Country House Rescue, this time about Elmore Court in Gloucestershire (UK). I had a "Swedish snack" :-)  - a glass of beer and some sill (pickled herring) - while watching. 

A new magazine for Sunday reading, Swedish sill and a glass of beer
 and photo of Elmore Court.

I love the beauty of the clothes and interior of Downton Abbey and it is so well done. The big unique propertys in Country Home Rescue, that often have been in the family for many generations, are also fascinating. It's interesting to see how Ruth Watson helps the owners finding ways to bring in money, so the property can stay in the family. 

But watching series like Downton Abbey and Country Home Rescue always makes me feel a little bit guilty as well. I so enjoy the lovely rooms and gardens, but at the same time I'm thinking of all the low paid servants who the ladies and gentlemen in houses like these have taken advantage of. 

Well, anyway. I surfed around quite a bit this weekend too. I want to mention a couple of the blogs that are new to me: 

Dear Friend - the blog of Rebekka Mann Seale who lives in Nashville, Tennesse. She is an artist and a freelance illustrator and is learning how to knit this autumn :-) I really like the photos in her blog and she seems so sweet. 

All photos from Rebekkas blog Dear Friend

The other blogg I want to tell you about is the Swedish Kitchenbloom (which I found via a post at the Swedish interior blogg Husligheter). Karolina "Lina" Lundström is a freelancing photographer and illustrator. She uses some of her illustration to make items that she sells in her shop, like the kitchen towels and fruit prints in Linas photos below. I like the things in her shop and I like the photos from her home!

All photos from Kitchenbloom

Have you been to any Halloween parties this weekend? I have not, but I think the ladies in my Daily dose of quirkiness were on their way to one :-) I will end the weekend going out to have a glass of wine with my friend M, as soon as she finishes work at 11 pm. I don't have to go up early tomorrow, and my son has autumn leave for a week, starting tomorrow.

PS: Thank you to all of the great people who have left comments on my blog, it really makes me happy. Even more so since my blog is so new :-)

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Hvite tulipaner sa...

Deilig med rolig helg, bare lade batteriene klare for en ny uke!
Herlige inspirasjonsbilder over!

Blir forresten ikke vant til å se hjemmet vårt på trykk, føles helt uvirkelig. Spesielt siden jeg ikke er hjemme kanskje, alt er bare veldig fjernt:)

God mandag!
Klem E