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5 oktober 2011

Autum love

La Maisone d ' Anna G. posted a secelction of lovely autum pics today, this is just a few of them. You find the rest here.

I'm desperate for a handbag, and I would really like a big clutch like this. Not the most practical with a clutch, but lovely.

The little horse on the desk is a traditional item from Dalarna in Sweden. I love the colour of this one, usually the newer ones are in brighter colours. I think. And the leatherbags. There are so many lovely leather handbags out there this autum. And I can't afford even one right now :-(.

I love old fabrics with roses, most often mine are used as table cloths in the kitchen. And the teapot is lovely. I would like to have knobs for my kitchen cabinets that looks like that "knob" on the teapot. My landlord painted my kitchen cabinet doors in white this summer, but I still havent found the knobs that I want and can afford.

I need a daily dose of quirkiness, now I can share it here too.

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Will @ Bright.Bazaar sa...

That desk is full of textures and the colour palette is perfect for autumn. Very inspiring. Have a lovely weekend!