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31 oktober 2011

Interior inspiration

When I was thinking about how to fix up my livingroom a little bit with what I have and what I would like to add, the colour theme was red, white, green, grey and wood-ish.

I don't want it to be very bright. A base in white, grey and wood-ish and accents in red and green. (Which I can mix with other colours if I feel like it, or change for other accents. Well, I have to live with the red as long as I have my red chaise longue from Ikea)

Here comes some interior inspiration pics in the colour palette white, grey, red, green and wood-ish:

WTWonen via Decor8

Split branch, handmade in porcelain from a mould of a real branch, from OtchipotchiFound via Hvite Tulipaner.

These are from Grandin Road, but maybe I could spray paint soda cans? Found via Jennys hus.

Ink on found paper by Scott Albrecht

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness: Captured  by Catrin Welz-Stein. 

4 kommentarer:

Mackapär Ulrika sa...

TACK för tejp-hejarop! :)
Här var mycket fint vill jag lova.
Hoppas du får en fin vecka också!

Dallas Shaw sa...

really like the knit covers on the table legs


Dessi at [Home and desire] sa...

Mycket härligt fint! :)


Två bilder valda från din blogg Dessi :-)