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16 oktober 2011

Grey on a budget

Right now I'm thinking grey. It's really nice when you mix up different hues and textures of grey and it combines easily with other colours. Tomorrow I might be thinking emerald or pink or wine red...

Click on the pictures if you want to be linked back to the source. Very budget friendly inspiration.

        Monki 300 SEK     


Indiska 159 SEK

Art by Brooks Shane Salzwedel, free to enjoy online

Indiska 349 SEK

Put grey (wool) yarn around old bracelets

"rutinet" shop on etsy.com 350 SEK

a "jotter" (notebook) from the lovely Etsy shop Wit & Whistle 40 SEK

Handpainted coasters from Etsy 200 SEK for set of 6

I give you a daily dose of qurkiness here on my blog - free :-)

Lots of free printables at www.graphicsfairy.blogspot.com

Fleetwood Mac - love! 

Fleetwood Mac's most know album Rumours was released in 1977 and I listened to it then and I listen to it now. Well, I listened to my sisters LP (yes, vinyl!) a lot then and over the years I have heard some song from the album every now and then. Last week I was reminded of the album again (can't remember how) and found it on Spotify. I remember every song, I get nostalgic - and at the same time it still feels fresh! And Spotify is free, if you can stand commercial spots that is. Listen to Rumours on Spotify here.

Click on the pics to get to the source. Have a nice Sunday!

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