"" JAMIE SAYS DREAM: Dinner with E & three lovely ladies

29 oktober 2011

Dinner with E & three lovely ladies

Yesterday evening my friend E and I had dinner at my place, and three lovely ladies accompanied us. 

Louise Bourgeois, Billie Holiday and my mother. They are all deseaced but we invited them in spirit. 

My mother

My friend E and a glass of wine while cooking. 

Salt owl and dinner table in my kitchen. My walls are actually a very pale green, but here it looks white...

A postcard on my fridge with "The Rubbish Bin Men" by Jason Butler. My friend M sent it from an exhitbition at National Portrait Gallery in London. M and I are M1 and M2 :-)

And with my Daily dose of quirkiness I say good luck to E with his Halloween Party at Klubb Living in Malmö tonight! Hope a big happy crowd will show up and dance!

2 kommentarer:

carlylikes sa...

Thanks for your compliment about my illustration. I like your blog! You´ve got great taste. I´m definately coming back again.

Rebekka Seale sa...

Your mother is beautiful :)