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14 oktober 2011

Colour for me?

I first saw this girls home on Pinterest, and through the link to the blog A Beautiful Mess I found her flickr photostream where I picked up these photos. The girl calls herself Yokoo, and she also has an Etsy shop where she sells knitted cool scarves, neckwarmers and more.

I have been thinking of a wall colour like this for a long time, but I can't decide. I live in a two room rental with my teenage son = I sleep in the living room. Do I want bright colours, or do I want white, naturals and a little black? Or pastels with a little grey in it, like on my kitchen- and bathroom walls? A good thing with the pastels is that it is easy to combine with many styles. A mix of pastels and white and wood, or pastels and splashes of red, or black and white and pastels... Works in many ways. But I have been drawn to teal and turquosie walls for many years...

Right now my living room is a big nothing, with white walls and a red couch that I really need to replace (not comfy) .  But the problem is that I like so many diffrent styles! Wich colour palette, wich style??? I know that I want a table for writing, sewing, making things and I have to have a bed and a sofa or armchair, and a tv, and some shelfs or side table, and some storage, and some pretty...  At least I don't have to store all my books in my little living room - I have my bookshelfs in my long hallway.

UPDATE: Already the morning after posting this, I had the answer - no, this is not a colour for my livingroom/bedroom. My room is to small, it would feel even smaller and would get to dark. The colour looks great in photographs though... But I think what I really fell in love with was that big photo on the wall. 

Home Sweet Home

Some days you just have to stop.

Nylon Magazine StyleBubble & Refinery 29

Yokoo gives me my daily dose of qurkiness as well :-)

I Wear Many Hats

4 kommentarer:

LissenTo sa...

Vilken personlig lägenhet, modigt och snyggt att måla i den färgen.

Ha en fin helg. // Lissen


Vad kul att du tittade in :-) Man blir extra glad för kommentarer när man har en ny blogg!

Amber sa...

I love this color! It seems to go with everything, doesn't it?


Amber: It does goe with everything, but I think it might be a bit over powering as a wall colour in the long run, at least if it's in a room where you spend a lot of time. On the other hand...at the youth project where I was a project manager a while back we painted the walls in three different shades of teal/turquoise and I spent a lot of time there... Oh, it's so hard to make up ones mind.