28 oktober 2011

All I own

Yesterday I found the photographer Sannah Kvist's web page, and I really liked her series All I own.

"The Participant (All born in the 80's) compose and build a sculpture of all his or her possessions, which I then photograph together with the model." she writes.

It's fun to see their passions in life (clothes, cameras, music) but it's also gives perspective to the interior blog world that I'm surfing around in. You see so many grand and beautiful homes, and my own is so simple and small. But we really don't need that much, as long as there is some room for our passion. 

Now I'm off to buy some food and wine for dinner with a friend this evening. 

If I could I would visit the café in my Daily dose of quirkiness this weekend :-)

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4 kommentarer:

Hvite tulipaner sa...

Hehe, herlige bilder!
Og veldig fin collage under her, spennende å se resultatet:)
Ja, jeg må si at det blir ofte med drømmen og ønskene når det gjelder dyre ting og det jeg ønsker meg. Men veldig morsomt med inspirasjon og ideer, til den dagen jeg får råd til å kjøpe det jeg ønsker:)
Hvis det blir noen gang, så mange prioriteringer:)

God helg og kos deg!
Klem E

Amber @ Don't Sew Angry sa...

What a terrific idea. What an eye-opener this would be for many people here in the U.S., who accumulate and store things without any idea of just how much they own. It is more beautiful, I think, to be able to fill only a photo with your possessions. The colors are terrific.

live a lot sa...

Ha en riktigt fin helg och lycka till med kameran!

Tack för att du tittar in hos mig och lämnar små kommentarer då och då, jag blir så glad :)


leah of sang the bird sa...

Fantastic idea! I love this. Thanks for sharing your find x