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31 oktober 2011

Interior inspiration

When I was thinking about how to fix up my livingroom a little bit with what I have and what I would like to add, the colour theme was red, white, green, grey and wood-ish.

I don't want it to be very bright. A base in white, grey and wood-ish and accents in red and green. (Which I can mix with other colours if I feel like it, or change for other accents. Well, I have to live with the red as long as I have my red chaise longue from Ikea)

Here comes some interior inspiration pics in the colour palette white, grey, red, green and wood-ish:

WTWonen via Decor8

Split branch, handmade in porcelain from a mould of a real branch, from OtchipotchiFound via Hvite Tulipaner.

These are from Grandin Road, but maybe I could spray paint soda cans? Found via Jennys hus.

Ink on found paper by Scott Albrecht

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness: Captured  by Catrin Welz-Stein. 

30 oktober 2011

Lazy lazy lazy...

I have had a really lazy weekend, without any musts except doing laundry right now. I missed out on doing some fun stuff too because I was lazy, but you really can't eat the cake and have it too.

Saturday it was season premiere for Downton Abbey at the Swedish Television (svt).  I had tea and cake while watching, thought that was appropriate :-)

Tea at Downton Abbey and tea at home for me. 

Early this evening I watched an episode of Country House Rescue, this time about Elmore Court in Gloucestershire (UK). I had a "Swedish snack" :-)  - a glass of beer and some sill (pickled herring) - while watching. 

A new magazine for Sunday reading, Swedish sill and a glass of beer
 and photo of Elmore Court.

I love the beauty of the clothes and interior of Downton Abbey and it is so well done. The big unique propertys in Country Home Rescue, that often have been in the family for many generations, are also fascinating. It's interesting to see how Ruth Watson helps the owners finding ways to bring in money, so the property can stay in the family. 

But watching series like Downton Abbey and Country Home Rescue always makes me feel a little bit guilty as well. I so enjoy the lovely rooms and gardens, but at the same time I'm thinking of all the low paid servants who the ladies and gentlemen in houses like these have taken advantage of. 

Well, anyway. I surfed around quite a bit this weekend too. I want to mention a couple of the blogs that are new to me: 

Dear Friend - the blog of Rebekka Mann Seale who lives in Nashville, Tennesse. She is an artist and a freelance illustrator and is learning how to knit this autumn :-) I really like the photos in her blog and she seems so sweet. 

All photos from Rebekkas blog Dear Friend

The other blogg I want to tell you about is the Swedish Kitchenbloom (which I found via a post at the Swedish interior blogg Husligheter). Karolina "Lina" Lundström is a freelancing photographer and illustrator. She uses some of her illustration to make items that she sells in her shop, like the kitchen towels and fruit prints in Linas photos below. I like the things in her shop and I like the photos from her home!

All photos from Kitchenbloom

Have you been to any Halloween parties this weekend? I have not, but I think the ladies in my Daily dose of quirkiness were on their way to one :-) I will end the weekend going out to have a glass of wine with my friend M, as soon as she finishes work at 11 pm. I don't have to go up early tomorrow, and my son has autumn leave for a week, starting tomorrow.

PS: Thank you to all of the great people who have left comments on my blog, it really makes me happy. Even more so since my blog is so new :-)

29 oktober 2011

Dinner with E & three lovely ladies

Yesterday evening my friend E and I had dinner at my place, and three lovely ladies accompanied us. 

Louise Bourgeois, Billie Holiday and my mother. They are all deseaced but we invited them in spirit. 

My mother

My friend E and a glass of wine while cooking. 

Salt owl and dinner table in my kitchen. My walls are actually a very pale green, but here it looks white...

A postcard on my fridge with "The Rubbish Bin Men" by Jason Butler. My friend M sent it from an exhitbition at National Portrait Gallery in London. M and I are M1 and M2 :-)

And with my Daily dose of quirkiness I say good luck to E with his Halloween Party at Klubb Living in Malmö tonight! Hope a big happy crowd will show up and dance!

28 oktober 2011

All I own

Yesterday I found the photographer Sannah Kvist's web page, and I really liked her series All I own.

"The Participant (All born in the 80's) compose and build a sculpture of all his or her possessions, which I then photograph together with the model." she writes.

It's fun to see their passions in life (clothes, cameras, music) but it's also gives perspective to the interior blog world that I'm surfing around in. You see so many grand and beautiful homes, and my own is so simple and small. But we really don't need that much, as long as there is some room for our passion. 

Now I'm off to buy some food and wine for dinner with a friend this evening. 

If I could I would visit the café in my Daily dose of quirkiness this weekend :-)

Via See Me Everywhere

27 oktober 2011

I want to add this...

I'm trying to figure out how to get my combined livingroom/bedroom togheter. Which colours and style to choose and how to do it on a budget, as I have been posting about. My livingroom is quite small too, so with a bed in the mix it's not easy. 

I first thought about accent colurs red, turquoise and yellow, but then I was thinking about my green painting and prints and was thinking red, white, grey, green and wood-ish. And yesterday I posted about what I already have. 

Today - this is what I would like to add: (Click image to enlarge)

Top row: Aröd lamp from Ikea, Ceramic Speech Bubble messageboard from Cox & Cox and Cacti from Ikea.
Second row: Number Signs from Åhléns, OK Pillow Case from Fine Little Day and DIY cloud inspired by Sewenty Tree
Third row: Very comfortable arm chair Poäng Lockarp grey with sheepskin (or much cheaper Poäng Alme Nature in white), Sigurd chair from Ikea and Red Chick Candleholder from CB2.
Fourth row: Small coffee table from Åhléns, Varmluft lamp from Ikea and Skala tray from Ikea.

To mix up with what I already have, like these things: 

It would be a base with white, grey and wood-ish and accents in green and red. (Have to include red because of my red chaise longue).

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness, something I would love to add to this mix if I could afford it: Domsai Terrariums from Matteo Cibic, hand blown. I have to make do with looking at the pic...

Posted by Apartment Therapy in November 2009. 

26 oktober 2011

Red, white, grey, green and wood-ish

                           Via Fine Little Day, photo by Sofia at Mokkasin. 

As I said before, I need to cosy up my living room on a budget and I find it very hard to decide wich style and colour to go for. The other day I posted about red, turquoise and yellow to mix with base colours white, grey and neutrals and thought that was a good idea. But then I started to think about green....

Why? Because I have a big oil painting and a couple of prints that I really want to keep in my living room. I was thinking about moving them to the kitchen or hall, but no.... I want to keep them in my combined livingroom/bedroom. And they have lots of green in them.

The first print is this copy of Vermeers Girl with a Pearl Earring - in green! The original looks like this, but my version is a green print on a piece of wood that i picked up in a thrift store several years ago for 10 SEK (which is less than one euro/a little more  than one dollar) I love it! Love it more in green than in the original colours. Love the way the girl looks at me.

The other print was originally an oil painting by the Swedish artist Otte Sköld - La Petite Élégante from 1923. The print is from an art map that I found in a thrift store.

The oil painting is very hard to take pictures of. It's quite big and dark, and I like big dark paintings. It used to be my mothers, and it's painted by the mother of a childhood friend of mine.

As I also said before I have white walls and I have a red chaise longue from Ikea that I have to work with for now. I took a look at some other things I have for this colour palette:

(Have to get that brown wood book shelf out of the living room, it doesn't fit with anything...) Tomorrow I will post a collage with things I want to add - white, red, green or grey things :-) Sorry about the crappy photos, but I will learn...

My Daily dose of qurkiness would fit right in to this palette as well...

Fowl with Pearls via art.com

See you tomorrow! /Maria